Somewhere in Belgium to Amsterdam

Somewhere in Belgium, to Amsterdam  


Leaving the comfort of our tent early in the morning, whilst the sun was still nowhere to be seen. We set of towards the city of Brugge, where we would only pass through.

With a bit of a head wind we cycled 40km before the sun had even rised. The aim to get over 100km that day. 

The night before we had some issues with the fact my pedal, had decided to drop off! So we managed to switch the pedal with the other bike which fitted perfectly. The threads which you screw the pedal into, had completely worn away, possibly from some sand getting in there. But we will never know, I put it down to my superhuman power! 



We even tried to glue it! 


Now in the Netherlands, we were impressed with the quality of cycle routes! They were amazing, smooth tarmac or lovely cobbled lanes. This made getting in the distance easy. 

By early afternoon we had made it into the city of Amsterdam, where we intended to spend New Years Eve. And sadly where I had to leave my friend Tom to ride home. Now back to work for me, Expeditions to organise.  

Happy New Year