Talking at the Destination Travel show

Destination Travel Show


I was lucky enough to be invited to talk at the Destination Travel Show in Manchester. At first there was a slight panic when it looked like I was going to be talking and being interviewed on stage whilst cooking! Now I can cook, but cook whilst trying to talk is a different matter! 

I was on the Meet the Expert stage by the Times newspaper. With my slideshow and Britney Spears style headset I was ready to go. With tales of my adventures in Africa, Asia and Central America. 

A full audience had come along to hear listen. 


For those of you who don’t know I had an unpleasant encounter with a big cat, leaving a large scar on my back. Whilst telling this story to the audience, it was greeted with a large gasp when I described in detail the encounter.  I found this amazing!

The story of the muggings in Central America also went down well, this was the point I started to think this crowd enjoyed my suffering!  

Best question from the audience at the end was, when am I writing a book. I think maybe a coffee table book or a pop up book would be the best I can do. 

but over all, it was a great show. I recommend going along. The London show has a certain Levison Wood talking! 


Me dressed as a member of Kings of Leon


Quick note check (I was actually watching football) 

Cambodia and Laos pt 1

The summer expedition

I am lucky enough to spend a lot of time in South East Asia, so I love it when I get to take a group to this fantastic part of the world.

Before Departure

This summer it was an all girl school from London, who had a bad run in with a previous male leader. So at the start I was pretty nervous about meeting the teachers and group.

But I had nothing to worry about, the group and the teachers were fantastic. The previous leader had some pretty dated views, which is annoying in this day and age. The group were quick to realise this and requested a new leader to take them, so I stepped up.

Flying Out

I had just retired my old trusty Osprey bag of 14yrs for a brand new one, setting me back nearly £200. Meeting the group in the airport on the morning to help them check in, I checked in my bag with them.

We then had a flight delay, which meant our connection from Bangkok to Cambodia was going to be a close call! It is the first time I have had to run for a flight, luckily I had a team of fast 16yr olds to sprint to the gate.

On arrival in Cambodia, we collected all the bags…except one! My new bag had decided to stay on in Thailand, and probably popped down Koh San Road to party.


Our first day in Cambodia we were advised to stay inside due to government protests, which you can understand looking at the recent history of this beautiful country.

These protests were in the build up to the election, with the potential to turn violent. So the first day was spent locked in the hostel watching the World Cup. But thats when my party going bag decided to turn up.

I left the group inside and headed towards the airport, to collect the now named ‘cursed bag’. Grabbing a local Tut Tut driver from near by the hostel, with his multi coloured cab I headed off. Straight towards a angry mob, straight out of the movies! Armed with sticks, banners and things on fire, blocking the road ahead of me. Me and my Tut Tut driver both froze then looked at each other, with the eyes which I can only explain as ‘oh fuck’ eyes. We stopped the tut tut, turned it around and hid down an alley for an hour.

But I got my bag back! So all was good.

What we got up to

The sights of Cambodia, are very emotional. After what happened in the 70s in that country, it is great to see the country booming. The people are so happy and friendly.

The Killing Fields

I am very interested in history, so I was keen to go. The group did not know what went on during the 70s, so it was interesting to see how they responded to the place millions were killed.