London to somewhere in Belgium 🇧🇪

28th December  

After a struggle with myself mentally over the winter, I had been looking for a trip I could take a few days away from everything. On the morning of the 28th this trip came in a text message from my good mate, Tom. 

I have know Tom for nearly ten years now, after meeting whilst working as outdoor instructors in Norfolk.  we then headed out to Vietnam on an epic circumnavigation of the country.

All his text said was “mate, fancy biking somewhere for New Years?’ 

I replied with ‘I will grab a train this afternoon’. 

Tom met me at Dover to catch a ferry to France, our idea was to sleep on the ferry. 

we had no luck! 



My no sleep face!


29th December  


getting our bike of the ferry with zero sleep was just the tip of the iceberg! 10mins into our 150km day Tom got his first puncture! 

fixing it in rapid time, 20mins later there was a loud bang. His tyre blowing out! At 5am with zero sleep, we weren’t in the best mood. But we did our best to patch it up. 





We started to make good time and started to catch up with lost ground. Then we hit a town, sending google maps into melt down! After doing our second lap of Aldi, we realised something was not right here! It was taking us on random loops! 

so we went to plan B, head north and follower the coast. Then that familiar sound from the early house of the morning hit us in Belgium! Tom had his 3rd flat tyre, knowing we needed a new tyre we had to walk 10km out of our way to find the nearest open bike shop!  


Tom looking broken! 

We got back on the road and made it to a town near the boarder of the Netherlands.....