Spooky Outdoors

As Halloween is tomorrow, I thought I would write a little bit on stories I have heard on my travels. As I am also a bit of a secret geek to these stories, from grey men to random hairless monster I have heard them all.

The Grey man of Ben Macdui

Scottish Folklore calls it ‘Am Fear Liath Mòr’, the grey man was first sighted in 1891 up the scottish mountain, described as a tall figure with short hair or an unseen presence.

J Norman Collie wrote this in 1925 "I began to think I heard something else than merely the noise of my own footsteps. For every few steps I took I heard a crunch, and then another crunch as if someone was walking after me but taking steps three or four times the length of my own." before he ran blindly down the mountain.

a account from 1943, tells of Alexander Tewnion coming across the grey man

..In October 1943 I spent a ten day leave climbing alone in the Cairngorms... One afternoon, just as I reached the summit cairn of Ben MacDhui, mist swirled across the Lairig Ghru and enveloped the mountain. The atmosphere became dark and oppressive, a fierce, bitter wind whisked among the boulders, and... an odd sound echoed through the mist – a loud footstep, it seemed. Then another, and another... A strange shape loomed up, receded, came charging at me! Without hesitation I whipped out the revolver and fired three times at the figure. When it still came on I turned and hared down the path, reaching Glen Derry in a time that I have never bettered. You may ask was it really the Fear Laith Mhor? Frankly, I think it was


Even the americans have got involved with the Grey man, with the American Discovery Channel Tv show, Finding Bigfoot investigating. I did not realise Bigfoot goes on holiday.


A broken spectre

Did I see it?

No, I even spent the night up there.


Black Shuck

A few years ago I lived near Cromer in Norfolk and was told tales of the coast path. Being haunted by a huge dog! This dog has influenced Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes….as well as a song from the band The Darkness.

The black hound is suppose to chase men into the sea.

Did I see it?

No, my cabin was right next to the path. A dog did keep crapping in my garden though…..maybe ghostly evidence!

Other stories I have been told


Whilst trekking in Central America, the odd local would warn me about a creature. After a quick google I discovered it is suppose to be a bald creature that drinks blood.

Did I see it?


Big Cats in the UK

Not really a spooky one, but sightings around the UK use to be high. Sheep killings on the fells all down to these mystery big cats….or just someones dog of its lead?

Did I see it?


Well that was a bit of fun to write, if you have any ghost or monster stories, drop me a message as I am a secret geek.

Happy Halloween