Talking at the Destination Travel show

Destination Travel Show


I was lucky enough to be invited to talk at the Destination Travel Show in Manchester. At first there was a slight panic when it looked like I was going to be talking and being interviewed on stage whilst cooking! Now I can cook, but cook whilst trying to talk is a different matter! 

I was on the Meet the Expert stage by the Times newspaper. With my slideshow and Britney Spears style headset I was ready to go. With tales of my adventures in Africa, Asia and Central America. 

A full audience had come along to hear listen. 


For those of you who don’t know I had an unpleasant encounter with a big cat, leaving a large scar on my back. Whilst telling this story to the audience, it was greeted with a large gasp when I described in detail the encounter.  I found this amazing!

The story of the muggings in Central America also went down well, this was the point I started to think this crowd enjoyed my suffering!  

Best question from the audience at the end was, when am I writing a book. I think maybe a coffee table book or a pop up book would be the best I can do. 

but over all, it was a great show. I recommend going along. The London show has a certain Levison Wood talking! 


Me dressed as a member of Kings of Leon


Quick note check (I was actually watching football) 

Adventure Sponsorships

One of the main questions I’m asked on social media or after talking events, is how much do I get sponsored or ‘how do I get sponsored’  

So I thought it easier if I wrote a little blog about it

Simple answer is you don’t, Unless you’re a name like Ben Fogle. Companies will not be willing to pay for your holidays.

Me and many others have all gone down the self funded route, even Levison Woods recent trip to the Middle East was self funded.


But is it worth it? 

 Do you really want to be sponsored? I know I don’t, I get a lot of offers from brands asking me to wear this or carry that. In return for pictures. 

But taking thousands of pictures of a branded Tshirt just gets tiring! And your followers just get sick of you endorsing this brand every five minutes. 

Then you have the added problem of all this free gear, which you’ve never worn or tested before!  


Remember it is your adventure, do you really want to lose your adventure to a brand selling stuff?

I use my reliable kit I’ve had for years, my trusty boots and then pick up cheap clothes in the country. 



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