Cornwall to Cumbria

I’m terrible at remembering to write down my trips, as I’m already 9days behind on this.

But here goes 

From leaving Lands End, in glorious sunshine I could not believe how nice the weather was. With the odd passer by stopping to ask what I was doing sat around on a strange looking recumbent trike. Something I had never ridden before. I would say I’m about to cycle the length of the UK to John o’groats in Scotland. I was actually just sat, worrying about if I could actually do this! Trying to find routes which avoid the A roads, which I’d soon experience!

Avoiding the A roads

Avoiding the A roads

I took mainly the little side roads from Penzance, to avoid the big A road. But I soon discovered the hills were killers. As I wrote about in my previous blog.

So I thought I need to get through these as quickly as possible, so I got my head down and hit the main road as soon as the traffic died down. Staying in hostels and camping allowed me to spend long hours on the road, clocking up big distances! I had originally planned on 70km a day, but with the determination to get the hills done as quick as possible, I found myself doing over 100km a day.

I was soon in Bristol, where I had arranged to stay with a friend. He greeted me with beers, snacks and a hot water bottle. We chatted until about midnight, though I was fallen alseep it was amazing catching up.

soaking at the YHA 

soaking at the YHA 

Leaving his flat, the weather was nice. This was about to change. As I decided to take the Severn Bridge, as I approached the hail started! Then as lorries headed over the bridge, I was swamped by a tidal wave of spray! Even in full waterproofs I was soaked. That night I had planned to camp, but as the day got late I started to get really cold. Though I tried to cycle faster to warm up, it wasn’t enough to dry. So I found a YHA! The first time I had used one. I got there late. A youth hostel which seemed to house to Elderly salesmen. These men didn’t know each other, though they chatted late into the night about VW golfs. They also went into any open door, I describe them as busy.

The moment I wanted to cry

The moment I wanted to cry

I woke up early to find snow on the road, the trike did not enjoy this. The back wheel kept losing traction of the road on the snowy hills.  And by the time I had got to Nuneaton (does any actually live here) I was soaked again. So I found a £20 hotel to attempt to dry my stuff once more. 

I had an interesting stay also in Wigan! A man, broke into tears when I told him what I was doing. I had no idea what to do, so the caring back pat came out.

But riding from Wigan to Kendal was one of the most fun, 120km along canal paths, country roads and the A9. In amazing sunshine, this day made me feel refreshed! My legs had stopped aching and my clothes had started to dry in the sun. I really enjoyed it, even if a local man in a spar shop sent me down a swamp track. Luckily I bumped into a farmer and his daughter, watching their neighbors farm on fire (suspicious) who then laughed at me and sent me back on the right track. Passing through Preston I passed a man on another recumbent trike, this is the second one I’ve ever seen! So stopped and chatted, he was telling me he can get up to 60mph! Then I spotted the two big batteries and told him mines just powered by me. He went into shock, ‘why are you doing this to yourself’ then started hunting for a hidden battery on the trike.

That night approaching Kendal, I had my closest near miss! As a Range Rover driver on his mobile only spotted the Hi Vis vest and flag and the flashing red lights last minute. Seeing him spot me and swerve in my mirror was terrifying! I was literally about to ditch the trike! It shook me up a bit!

The rest of the trip before then, I had been impressed with the drivers. Not so impressed though at the amount of litter thrown out of vehicles!

getting to Penrith on Sunday morning and realising I was doing so well. And knowing the fact my family only lived 45mins away. I decided to have a rest day that Monday and spent it at home drying my clothes FINALLY.

Scotland coming soon