5 Things I learned on my Lejog Adventure

On every adventure or trip you find things out about yourself and the places you visit. Here are the 5 things I learned

1 Hostels

I remember the fun of staying in Hostels when I was 20. Lots of drinking and partying with a cheap bed. Now in my 30s, I have realised I made a mistake in staying in hostels again. I found myself sat like a Clint Eastwood character looking grumpy as one young man tried to impress some girls by playing a guitar and singing Oasis badly!

2 Food

I found out that for £2 I can buy a lot of bread, I also found out a lot of bread can clog you up! So quickly switched onto Summit to eat ration packs.

3 Directions

When ever I have been away around the world, I have found asking locals about paths and roads is a great navigation tool. This was not the case in Wigan, when I asked a local in a Spar shop. Who ended up sending me down a lane which had more in common with the Everglades in Florida then it did a road. Luckily after an hour of struggle I bumped into a farmer, who after a fit of laughter sent me back on the right path.

4 Sport car drivers

Having always been a fan of sports cars, but with zero intention of ever buying one. My opinion on the drivers of these cars has always been that they have to much money then sense. Now my opinion is that they also have anger issues. I have never seen the middle finger stuck out of show many windows before, as well as the classic wanker sign. Also they can not wait to overtake you, passing you on blind corners with double white lines, only to meet a car coming the other way. This action of their own impatiences usually results in me either having an angry fist waved at me or something shouted out the window

5 Toilets

I am well seasoned at pooping in the woods, but pooping at the side of the A9 is a completely different skill! Trying to find somewhere to go, in an area with a busy main road and zero cover makes this impossible. So hunting down a toilet became a skill set similar to Liam Neeson in Taken hunting down his kidnapped daughter. You will do anything to get to one! Sitting outside a Sainsburys waiting for it to open just to use its flushing chair of paradise. Also finding churches with toilets was a literal god send! Though I did end up feeling guilty and leaving a hefty donation….