Central America

2016 I decided to take my passion for walking to the next level, by trekking Central America


A lap of vietnam

2014 We decided we did not want to do your normal holiday, so we spent two months on 50cc scooters. Circumnavigating Vietnam, as well as heading down one of the worlds deadliest roads.

As far as we know, this was a world first…..



Setting off from Lands End on a recumbent trike, which I had never ridden before. I travelled 874miles in just 14 days. Doing nearly 3 marathons per day. Whilst raising awareness for mental health and how the outdoors can help


Cycling to bristol from yorkshire

Travelling to Bristol on bikes costing under £50, sleeping in bushes and on park benches.


Adventure Holiday for the price of a night out.


For the price which is averagely spent of a weekend drinking by one person, I flew to Chamonix and trekked up to Mer De Glace


Cotswolds Way 100km


Decided to attempt my first running race, so instead of starting easy went straight for 100km. People were very judgemental about this, saying I was not built like a runner.

I finished 12th! Proving not to judge a book by its cover.


Animal Conservation


I like to get involved in Animal Conservation projects as much as possible. From my first job to holiday helping turtles


The Waterbike


2018 I volunteered to take part in the brilliant SayYesMore Waterbike Project. A project to help encourage people to get outside and living more adventurous, we also aimed to collect as much litter as possible out of the waterways.

I spent three days on the bike, from Leeds to Skipton


Mission Flash Jump


As an attempt to encourage more people to get outside, especially young people. I took to the hills and mountains to prove that it is fun out there. This meant taking a series of jumping pictures, these lead me around the world. Jumping in Cambodias Angkor Wat to Jumping up 4000m mountains.

GPTempDownload (3).jpeg